Research, Development and Innovation

Since its inception, Sheffield Laboratory Medicine has played an integral part in clinical research.  The research we undertake is of the highest standard, fully compliant with good clinical practice and all of our clinical work is UKAS accredited.  We offer a flexible service and together with clinical research trials we also undertake less routine analysis, providing services specific for research that do not form part of established clinical pathways.

We offer an extensive, internationally recognised breadth of knowledge and expertise in research and development.  Many hundreds of studies currently involve one or more of our pathology specialties.  Our pioneering research projects drive improvements in the way we support the diagnostic pathway using artificial intelligence, genetic profiling of tumours, viral pathogens and the introduction of new testing methodology to improve patient outcomes in a hospital setting. 

In response to COVID we:

  • Set up a sequencing service with the University of Sheffield which contributed to the COG-UK datasets identifying SARS-CoV-2 introduction events in to the UK, identification of more transmissible strains and surveillance of new emerging variants
  • We were recognised nationally as one of the leading clinical virology translational laboratories for sequencing research;
  • We participated in a wide range of research studies including HOCI, ISARIC, SIREN and published vital research.

Research and development is driven by our expert clinicians and healthcare scientists who continue to publish a large number of research articles each year.  We support clinical trials across the UK providing high quality specialised testing for our research partners.  We also support universities in carrying out clinical quality assessments on their study samples.  These samples vary from human volunteer studies to in vivo animal models and in vitro laboratory models. 

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please contact us by telephone on 0114 226 7666 or email us at