Adenovirus PCR



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Viral Eye infection (Always take swab prior to use of any fluorescent agent), This assay also forms part of the Respiratory Screen and Virus Enteric screens.

Sample Type

EDTA Blood, Eye swab (green topped viral swab), Faeces, Respiratory samples (swabs and fluids), Urine, CSF

Reference Range

Reference ranges are not applicable to Virology Assays.This assay will produce a qualitative (�Detected� or �NOT detected�) result only.

Turnaround Time

Within 3 days

Testing Frequency


External Notes

Qualitative results are provided but if quantification is required, please talk to the Medical Virologist on Bleep NGH 2537 or ext 66477 / 15870

Patient Preparation

Viral Eye infection (Always take swab prior to use of any fluorescent agent)

See Also

Respiratory Virus Screen

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Adenovirus PCR