Phospholipase A2 Antibody (PLA2R) Antiphospholipase A2 Antibody MPLA2R



Membranous glomerulonephritis presents with nephrotic syndrome or proteinuria and is identified on renal biopsy by epithelial IgG and C3 deposition. The disease is more common in males than females (2:1) and has a peak incidence between 40 and 50 years of age. Membranous nephropathy can be classified as either primary (idiopathic), which occurs in 75% of cases, or secondary. Secondary membranous is associated with malignancy, autoimmunity, infection and drugs. Primary membranous may have an autoimmune component with about 70% cases showing antibodies to M type phospholipase A2 receptor (1). Phospholipase A2 receptors are transmembrane glycoproteins (MW 185 KDa) found in the lungs, placenta, leukocytes and also expressed on podocytes in the kidney. Binding of antibody to PLA2R could cause subepithelial immune complex deposition and complement activation which then results in proteinuria and nephrotic syndrome (2). One third of primary membranous cases will develop end stage renal disease, one third will have a persistent proteinuria and one third will have spontaneous remission. APLA2R antibodies are lower in patients in partial or complete remission compared to those with active disease and increasing quantitation (3,4,5). Spontaneous remission also occurs less frequently in patients with high antibody values (6). APLA2R antibodies have also been shown to be markers for monitoring the patients response to immune suppression and can fall to normal range values 3-6 months before there are signs of clinical remission (5,7). Patients with membranous nephropathy undergoing renal transplantation have a disease recurrence of up to 45% (8) but using APLA2R antibody levels to identify these individuals has not given conclusive results (7,9). APLA2R antibodies have been described in patients with secondary membranous nephritis although it is suggested that these individuals also had concurrent primary membranous nephritis(10). APLA2R antibody measurement may have a role in identifying primary from secondary membranous nephropathy and also in disease monitoring. However they should not be viewed as a replacemant for renal biopsy in the investigation of patients presenting with nephrotic syndrome (11).


Primary (idiopathic) membranous nephropathy.

Sample Type

2mL Serum (Gel 5mL Yellow tube). Requests from outside Sheffield: Transport at ambient temperature via Royal Mail or Courier.

Reference Range

<14 RU/mL = Negative.
14 - 20 RU/mL = Borderline.
>20 RU/mL = Positive.

Turnaround Time

Within 2 weeks

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